The Difference Leadership Group

The Benefits of Working with Us:

  • We Have Led Complex Organizations
  • We Have Coached Leaders to Successful Outcomes
  • We Provide a Targeted Best Practice Audit Checklist Process for Executives & Boards
  • We Understand the Role of Inspiration in Engaging Employees
  • We have Consulted in Many Industries
  • We Have Done it…We can Assist You in a Path to Success
  • We Believe in Making a Difference!

The Difference Leadership Group(DLG) provides expert consultation to Boards, Executive and Physician leaders in how to manage, create and transform mission driven organizations.  Our goal is to feel the satisfaction that comes from making a difference to those who also wish to make a difference in the organizations that they lead and the communities that they serve.

Our Promise: To Make a Difference in the Lives of Leaders

We provide high-level leadership, strategic and governance counsel to sophisticated mission-driven nonprofits, for-profits, foundations, B-Corps in New England and beyond.

Working directly with Boards, Executive and Physician Leadership, we provide consultation on the strategic responsibilities of effective governance and management which entails the functions of setting a vision and direction, making policy and strategic decisions, overseeing and monitoring organizational performance, and ensuring overall accountability.

We provide Executive Coaching to C-Suite Executives and Board Chairs including the structural establishment of a self-sustaining Leaders Developing Leaders Program. Nine core leadership modules (leadership, innovation, change management, transition management, project management, performance management, strategic vision setting, coaching and mentoring, emotional intelligence) are team taught and drilled down to unit leadership core teams.

We Support Boards in Developing the “Governance as Leadership Model”:

Drawing on the work of Dr. Richard Chait (Harvard Professor Emeritus), we have adopted an enlightened definition in our work with organizations that looks at Governance as Leadership in the context of three types of governance: fiduciary, strategic and generative.

The Difference Leadership Group assists Boards and Executive Leadership to strengthen the critical role that governance as leadership plays in supporting strategic follow through and organizational resilience. We also offer directly or through ancillary resources legal, branding, marketing, recruitment, employment, advocacy and other services to mission driven for-profit and non-profit organizations.

We Support Board and Executive Leadership Partnerships:

We employ the governance as leadership approach where boards create a strategic partnership with management to provide a critical source of leadership for the organization related to optimizing mission, purpose, vision and brand positioning opportunities.

With decades of experience in this area, we bring a specific set of skills that assist in translating these high level responsibilities into achievable and measurable results. We provide expert consultation to Boards and Executive Leadership Teams to leverage strengths toward creating results-driven strategic implementation by coaching leadership teams to shift organizational culture.

Our Discrete Areas of Expertise:

We have complied a Best Practices Audit Checklist Process to assess and then develop additional competencies for Boards and Executive Leadership:

  • Assessments: Board Competencies, Executive Leader Competencies, Team Assessments
  • Coaching: Board Chairs, Executive Team Leaders, High Potential Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and Team Members
  • Team Development: Aligning Board, Executive and Management Teams with Organizational Mission, Purpose, Vision and Promise

Additional Areas of Expertise:

  • System Alignment after Mergers
  • Transforming Teams of Uniquely Trained Leaders
  • Driving Change & Innovation
  • Coaching Leaders to Recruit, Develop and Retain Top Talent