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Board Assessment & Development

Great Boards are able to work in the Generative Mode in which the board engages in deeper inquiry, exploring root causes, values, optional courses and new ideas.

The key driver of Board  performance and satisfaction is the ability to convey and clarify organizational purpose and then to participate with Executive Leadership in setting the strategy to accomplish this responsibility.

We offer the following programs to Enhance Board Governance:

  • Board Responsibilities for Governance as Leadership
  • Strategies to Develop a Generative Board
  • Board Transformational Leadership
  • Prioritizing Mission, Purpose, Vision and Brand Positioning Statements
  • Board/Board Chair Evaluations
  • Recruiting/Hiring/Firing/Succession Planning for the Executive Leader
  • Creating & Monitoring Accountability in Your Organization
  • Developing, Implementing and Managing Board Task Forces
  • A Model for Understanding Change & Transition Management
  • Developing a Board Culture of Philanthropy
  • Managing Board Transition and Succession
  • Building a Purpose-Driven Board
  • Building a Strategic Media Relations Strategy