Customized Solutions

Unique Customized Solutions:

Sometimes the Key to Leadership success in an organization is the creation of unique customized solutions to a unique problem. We have worked within regional and national large and small healthcare institutions, the oil and gas industry, banking and financial institutions, academic centers, the ski industry, the entertainment industry, the environmental industry, etc. We have learned that sometimes a specific customized solution to a unique problem must be created. This has led us to conceptualize a series of  Customized Solutions to any number of organizational problems. Examples include the following:

Stress & High Potential Employees:

We have professional skills within our Team to help Board and Executive Leadership Teams to assess complex performance issues with extremely talented employees who may be experiencing mental health or addiction problems. We have customized unique performance plans in these cases that have respected the employees and led to excellent outcomes for both the employee and the organization. We function from a leadership role and will work with Human Resources departments and Employee Assistance Programs as needed. We offer anti-stigma programs to mental health and addiction that can be adapted to specific organizational cultures.

Trauma in the Workplace:

Trauma is ubiquitous in the world that we live and work in as leaders. It can come in the form of workplace conflicts manifested in the behavior of employees who have had trauma in their lives. Trauma can also have intergenerational effects that live on and show up in the workplace despite the absence of the conflict that created the initial trauma.

The effects of historical trauma on individuals, families and, therefore, employees and leaders are subtle and yet powerful.  The downstream trans-generational effects of historical trauma can move insidiously into families and cultures around the world manifesting in workplace behaviors in ways that operate outside of our consciousness.  Examples may include workplace bullying, emotional absence, organizational competitiveness, and cultural expectations of power and control – all of which create workplace trust challenges.

We have members of our Team who professionally understand and work with the effects of trauma in the workplace. Leaders in today’s workplace may find that they have an essential role in creating trusted influence in conquering the residue of trauma by assisting employees to live life framed with new purpose.