Executive Coaching

Executive Leader Coaching:

The role of Executive Leader, whether the title is Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director, is one of the most complex and important jobs that any person can assume in an organization. It is a commitment to mission-advocacy, best business practices, organizational well-being, share and/or stake holder accountability in a job where the day to day buck stops with the Executive Leader.

Enormous stress can be an expected part of an Executive Leader’s job and the literature is clear that they must keep raising their game and have their thinking usefully challenged for the good of their organizations.

Just as Board Chairs must routinely make decisions concerning matters they’ve never before tackled, “What got you here won’t keep you there.”

We offer two Coaching opportunities for Executive Leaders:

1. Individual Executive Leader Coaching Program: Many consulting companies offer coaching services. Our “special sauce” is that we offer coaches to the Executive Leader who have actually served as Board Chairs and Executive Leaders in organizations. This is not a feature to take lightly. Until one has sat in the seat of an Executive Leader responsibility, it is very difficult to understand and empathize with the true emotions and thought processes that one goes through.

Our Executive Leader Coaching Program provides the following components:

  • Leadership Biography & History
  • Assessments of Motivation & Leadership Skills
  • Leading the Executive Team 
  • Tailored Coaching Support with Re-Assessments
  • Respect for the Journey!

2. Executive Leader Mentor Groups: We run short term and longer term Executive Leader Mentor Groups composed of Executive Leaders and led by a seasoned member of our Team who has both Board Chair and CEO Executive Leadership experience. Topics include:

  • First Time Executive Leader? Make it the Best Time! 
  • Running an Executive Team Meeting
  • Partnering with the Board Chair to Advance Strategic Agendas
  • Building a Leaders Developing Leaders (LDL) Program
  • Engaging the Employees in the Mission, Purpose & Vision