Mitch Anthony

Mitch Anthony is on a mission to redefine branding. He sees it not as a tool to sell things we don’t need, but as a powerful means to sell ideas we do. He works with organizations to help them translate their purpose and mission into messaging that resonates with and motivates primary stakeholders to engagement and action. 

A skilled facilitator, team builder, and presenter, he has a track record of finding synergy, traction, and opportunity where fear, overthinking, and bureaucracy slow others to a crawl. And somehow, he makes it look easy.

Mitch has built and developed corporate and product branding programs for such clients as Bloomberg Television, VH1, Church World Service, Microsoft, Lightlife Foods, Reebok, Avid Technology, and FX Networks.

He has proven time and again that brand discovery, design, and strategy are powerful tools that can transform not only your marketing, but also your organization and all the people in it. They are the cornerstones of clear agreement, and clear agreement is the foundation of organizational transformation.   

Mitch is the co-founder and principal brand strategist at Clarity, a firm that uses the branding, development, design, and editorial processes as tools for visioning, alignment and development. Prior to founding Clarity in 2012 Mitch served as president and senior brand strategist at TITANIUM and the president and founder of Mitchell Anthony Associates.


Robyn Ostrander, M.D.

Dr. Robyn Ostrander is a focused, passionate clinician and physician executive committed to guiding healthcare and other industry executives to leverage strengths and lead healthy teams toward results-driven quality. She has a medical degree from Harvard, trained in psychiatry at Dartmouth, and is board certified in both psychiatry and child psychiatry. Her experience working with both executive and clinical teams, deep knowledge of behavioral neuroscience, and medical leadership in entrepreneurial nonprofit hospital and large academic teaching hospital settings have equipped her to thoughtfully inspire leaders toward alignment with organizational goals, while pursuing personal and team success through accelerated performance.

Robyn presents nationally on topics including leading change, coaching and mentoring, strengthening performance through highly functional teams, and developing emotionally capable leaders. Robyn offers customized coaching for Executive/C-Level clients, transition coaching for those changing their scope or being promoted, and new leader assimilation in the first 100 days of a role. She also uses her psychiatric training to coach for executive presence. She utilizes evidence based assessment materials and adapts coaching paradigms to advance leadership dyads, and often pairs with other high-impact coaches to support teams.

Robyn’s impenetrably confidential support promotes awareness of interpersonal dynamics, responding to a multigenerational workforce and shifting organizational culture. Additional areas of expertise include system alignment after hospital mergers, transforming teams of disparately trained executives, and driving change in heavily regulated and ethically complex settings. Her experience promoting attention to work-family balance among diverse staffs can propel executives toward trend-setting approaches to recruiting and retaining quality millennial professionals who demand new roles and career accommodations.

Amber Chand

Born in East Africa of Indian parentage and expelled from her country during a time of political turmoil in her youth, Amber Chand has developed a profound interest in issues affecting women’s empowerment and economic security around the world, and in the role of business as a transformational agent for social change and peace building.

She is the Founder of The Women’s Peace Collection, a social enterprise that supports women’s micro-enterprises primarily in regions of conflict and post-conflict, offering high quality, meaningful gifts created by talented craftswomen who are rebuilding their lives in the shadows of war, genocide, civil strife and crippling poverty. The Women’s Peace Collection  works with artisans in areas such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Burma, Cambodia, Israel, Palestine, Colombia, Bolivia, Rwanda, Kenya, Sudan and Nepal.

To support this work further, she is also the co-founder of Prosperity Candle, a social enterprise that supports women as entrepreneur candle makers in regions such as Haiti, Rwanda and Iraq. She has also launched The 100 Women: 100 Hopes Campaign in Darfur, an initiative that supports women who are struggling in one of the largest refugee camps in Western Darfur to earn a dignified livelihood under extremely challenging circumstance.

The Amber Chand Foundation was created in 2009, as a vehicle to offer women in these regions micro finance grants to create and grow their enterprises. In 2008 she was inducted into the Business Women’s Hall of Fame by Baypath College, her Rwanda journals were published by Marie Claire Magazine, and Inc Magazine voted her entrepreneur of the month.

Most recently she is performing nationally in the one woman theatre show she wrote, “Searching for the Moon: A Heroine’s Journey, Tales of Love, Despair, Faith and Forgiveness”, directed by Jayne Atkinson. She has performed and spoken at Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development. She is an active member of the Business Advisory Council for Women for Women International, a global organization supporting women in regions of conflict.

Paul Niedziela, Chief Technology Officer

Paul is currently the founder and president of Raven Isle Enterprises Ltd. where for the past 14 years he has helped clients plan their technology strategies, including mobile app development, and web applications.  Paul has helped developed business work flow applications as well as social media promotional applications.

Previously, Paul was the Director of Network Technology at the Realm Business Solutions, where he architected a multi-million dollar technology architecture to integrate several property management applications.

In addition, Paul was the lead Network Engineer for SAP Canada and worked for Lockheed Martin, and the US Department of Defense.