Preferred Referral Relationships

We believe strongly in a team approach to problem solving and will at times team with trusted and independent consultants to leverage their extensive experience and specialized expertise to most effectively and efficiently meet our clients’  objectives.

Below are members of our Preferred Referral Relationships:

HawkPartners | A Clear Perspective

HawkPartners helps Fortune 500 clients get more out of their marketing efforts by exploring the complex factors influencing customer decisions and helping turn those insights into action.

HawkPartners offers a unique combination of skill sets — their team is comprised of veterans of management consulting who are also experienced market research practitioners and who have substantial marketing management experience. As a result, they provide clients with more strategic insights than a typical market research firm, and more research-based insight than a typical consulting firm.

HawkPartners works  with global, market leading clients across a variety of industries, and have experience working across all major markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Founded in 2003, HawkPartners has offices in Boston, New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Stamford.

HawkPartners also works with independent consultants to leverage their industry and/or technical experience and expertise — these consultants are Of Counsel.

We are very pleased to have a referral relationship with HawkPartners. Additionally, we collaborate with HawkPartners in our Assessment processes for Boards and Executives using HawkPartners sophisticated research capabilities to present confidential summary data on Board and Executive performance to establish an effective Coaching program.