Leadership Development

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born… That’s nonsense!…Leaders are made.

-Warren Bennis


Mission, purpose and vision drives loyalty across the generations working in an organization. Understanding a company’s purpose helps employees answer yes to the question “Do I belong here?” Employers who emphasize mission and purpose are more successful in retaining Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Successful leaders must manage employee loyalty and major change initiatives while employing exquisite conflict management capabilities, guided by a focus on Innovation. But before leaders can begin to address the many complex issues related to engaging and leading their team, department, or organization, they must first address their own leadership capabilities. These challenges are even more imposing to someone who has recently assumed a new leadership role. 

Make A Difference Leadership Coaching

Our Make A Difference Coaching Model starts by identifying the developmental areas that will improve individual leadership capabilities. We offer the following steps to success:

  • Assessment of a leader’s strengths and weaknesses both through individual interviews and a tool box of standardized assessments that include supervisor, peer and direct report feedback.
  • Provision of a step by step developmental Coaching Plan with targets, re-assessments and additional feedback designed to create rapid movement and success.
  • Team Based feedback to assure commitment and transformation.