Three Tiered Leadership Coaching Program:

Based upon our belief that Employee Engagement is the number 1 problem facing organizations, we have designed a Three Tiered Leadership Coaching Program. This program starts with our training of your company’s selected senior leaders in our Employee First Program. (See Components in Employee Engagement page)

First Tier: Employee & Organizational Purpose Modules-

This course is for leaders throughout the organization and is a module driven centerpiece for our Employee First Program. The theoretical base for this learning is that the most important job of being a leader is to inspire and motivate people and teams and connect each employees sense of purpose to the organizational mission, purpose, vision and promise.  It is based on the simple but elegant concept that “Employees First” creates “Performance First” results. Leaders are trained in methods to unlock an employees personal sense of purpose and connect it to the organization’s promise.

Each module can be taught in 2-4 hour segments. We will offer a coaching certification process for leaders within your organization trained in how to deliver the following three modules.  

Module 1—Unlocking Purpose

Module 2—Methods for Connecting “Our Organizational Promise” to Individual Employee Purpose

Module 3—Methods to Manage Purpose Driven Teams

Second Tier: Employee First Coach Certification Process – We use a Leaders Developing Leaders (LDL) process whereby our educational and experiential coaching modules are initially taught by our associates to leaders you designate (members of the Executive Team, Human Relations, Middle Managers and Supervisors) who then become certified in our “We Make A Difference Coaching Process.” Your team  can then replicate this process throughout the organization.

Third Tier: Employee First Mentor Certification Process– Mentorship is a time tested process whereby more senior individuals provide guidance and advice to younger individuals. This is a process that is outside the performance management system and has great promise in engaging, retaining and inspiring younger employees. We will train and certify selected leaders and other key employees in how to function and be certified as a Mentor. Human resource policies must be created to support this process.