Products – Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership Development:

 Leaders must drive change, take risks, have powerful conversations that address conflict and assure growth and engage employees and communities.  The work of leaders is hard and requires incredible resilience and emotional intelligence.

As the father of modern leadership development, Warren Bennis, stated, “Leaders are not born, they are made.” We work with Executive Leaders to address and focus support for the leadership journey.

While we offer discrete trainings on leadership topics ranging from Building Purpose Driven Executive Teams to Change & Transition Management, we also offer a unique cost effective Leaders Developing Leaders (LDL) program. 

Leaders Developing Leaders (LDL) Program:

In this program  we initially bring in a Team to train the Executive Team Leadership group in Core Leadership responsibilities, with the goal being that Executive Leadership Team members become Subject Matter Experts to facilitate interactive sessions with the next level leadership team of managers and supervisors.

Core Components of the LDL Program:

  • Transformational Leadership: Why Lead?
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Making Innovation Happen in the Organization
  • Leading Change & Leading Transition
  • Leading Teams
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Performance Management

In Addition to the Core Components of the LDL Program we offer the following suite of leadership development programs that can be given in discrete sessions:

  • Creating a Transformational Leadership Culture
  • Building and Assessing an Effective Executive Team
  • Building Purpose-Driven Executive Teams
  • Creating a Leaders Developing Leaders (LDL) Program
  • Leadership Assessment Tools & Processes to Grow & Sustain Leaders
  • Mentoring High Potential Employees
  • A Model for Managing Change & Transition
  • Developing & Implementing an Innovative Strategic Planning Process
  • Managing the Budget through Innovation & Employee Engagement
  • Implementing Effective Mission Driven Compliance Programs
  • Executive Coaching