Purpose Driven Teams

Purpose Driven Teams

We will train senior and middle management leaders how to create and manage Purpose Driven Teams through our Modular Methodology. The focus is on connecting organizational Mission, Purpose, Vision and Promise to employee engagement with the goal to inspire innovative practices throughout the organization.

The theoretical base for this learning is that the most important job of being a manager is to inspire and motivate people and teams.

After leaders have been through the 2 Modules of the Employee First Module and certified as Coaches, we will teach them how to use performance improvement processes to insert individual purpose concepts into organizational strategic initiatives.

Here are examples:

Individual Employee Purpose Team Purpose Employee Engagement Outcome
To be part of a team that gives back to the community To create products that people need to live a better life Employee assigned to a new product development team
To be a highly skilled pediatric nurse To deliver state of the art pediatric care Employee sent to certificate program to advance newborn survival
To be a manager who inspires my employees to do their best To create a work environment where our employees feel supported in bringing their talents to the job the job Manager assigned a Coach to increase supervisory skills

If there is not synergy between the wished for and stated individual and organizational purpose statements, then the Coaches job is to lead the Purpose Driven Team through a performance improvement process of identifying the dissonance, brainstorming diagnoses and remedies and measuring the progress toward increasing the purpose satisfaction of members of the Team.

Our experience is that these processes exponentially increase employee engagement as people feel heard, valued as they are given an opportunity to truly make a difference in their organizations.