Specific Product Offerings

Our specific product offerings will be in three key areas: Board Assessment & Development, Executive Leadership Assessment & Development and Workforce Engagement. We have developed discrete presentations, workshops and tools in specific content areas, including the following:

Board Assessment & Development:

  • Board Responsibilities for Governance as Leadership
  • Strategies to Develop a Generative Board
  • Board Transformational Leadership
  • Prioritizing Mission, Purpose, Vision and Brand Positioning Statements
  • Board/Board Chair Evaluations
  • Recruiting/Hiring/Firing/Succession Planning for the Executive Leader
  • Creating & Monitoring Accountability in Your Organization
  • Developing, Implementing and Managing Board Task Forces
  • A Model for Understanding Change & Transition Management
  • Developing a Board Culture of Philanthropy
  • Managing Board Transition and Succession
  • Building a Purpose-Driven Board
  • Building a Strategic Media Relations Strategy

Executive Leadership Assessment & Development:

  • Creating a Transformational Leadership Culture
  • Building and Assessing an Effective Executive Team
  • Building Purpose-Driven Executive Teams
  • Creating a Leaders Developing Leaders Program
  • Leadership Assessment Tools & Processes to Grow & Sustain Leaders
  • Mentoring High Potential Employees
  • A Model for Managing Change & Transition
  • Developing & Implementing an Innovative Strategic Planning Process
  • Managing the Budget through Innovation & Employee Engagement
  • Implementing Effective Mission Driven Compliance Programs
  • Executive Coaching

 Workforce Engagement:

  • Creating Purpose Driven Teams to Enhance Employee Engagement
  • Creating a Culture of Performance Improvement
  • Engaging the Workforce in Innovation & Performance Improvement
  • Teaching Emotional Intelligence Skills to Your Workforce
  • Coaching Programs to Replace Traditional Performance Management
  • Best Practice Human Resource Management