Robyn Ostrander, MD

Robyn Ostrander is a focused, innovative clinician and physician executive committed to guiding healthcare and other industry executives to leverage strengths and lead healthy teams toward results-driven quality. She has a medical degree from Harvard, trained in psychiatry at Dartmouth, and is board certified in both psychiatry and child psychiatry. Her experience working with both executive and clinical teams, deep knowledge of behavioral neuroscience, and medical leadership in entrepreneurial nonprofit hospital and large academic teaching hospital settings have equipped her to thoughtfully inspire leaders toward alignment with organizational goals, while pursuing personal and team success through accelerated performance.

Robyn has presented nationally on topics including leading change, coaching and mentoring, strengthening performance through highly functional teams, and developing emotionally capable leaders. She has connected with the lay community through regular radio commentary in three major markets, currently in Maine. In 2009 she co-authored a cutting edge textbook of neurocircuitry related to major psychiatric disorders.

Robyn is passionate about coaching executives, leadership dyads and teams toward awareness of dynamics, a multigenerational workforce, and how to shift organizational culture. Her areas of expertise include system alignment after hospital mergers, transforming teams of disparately trained healthcare executives, driving innovation in heavily regulated and ethically complex medical settings, and coaching leaders to recruit, develop and retain key professional talent. Her experience promoting attention to work-family balance among diverse staffs can propel executives toward trendsetting approaches to recruiting quality millennial professionals who are demanding new roles and career accommodations.